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Everything You Need to Know about PAT Testing

Everything You Need to Know about PAT Testing

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Orbis Engineering are the leading electrical contractors in Staffordshire, with PAT testing just one of a host of services we offer. There are a number of myths concerning portable appliance testing (PAT) that we are looking to dispel.
The majority of electrical defects can be spotted visually but some can only be found by testing the equipment. In accordance with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, you need to maintain electricals that may cause harm in a safe condition.

Orbis Engineering’s highly skilled staff bring a wealth of experience and industry knowledge meaning we can spot the tell-tale signs of equipment that may be unsafe.
Although it’s not a legal requirement we would recommend keeping small dated labels on equipment that has been PAT tested, which gives you a visual reminder in case your appliances start to become faulty.

Here’s reasons to use experts from Orbis Engineering for PAT testing –

• We will have all of the right equipment to do the testing
• Our experienced team have the knowledge to use equipment properly
• We will understand the test results and give you any advice required

Knowing the Electrical Classes for PAT Testing

Electrical appliances can be grouped into 3 categories, which can determine whether it needs PAT Testing
Class 1 – This type of electrical such as fridges, tumble dryers, fridge, freezers and kettles have only basic insulation
Class 2 – These appliances such as drills, lamps, televisions, and hairdryers have extra insulation which makes them safer
Class 3 – Low voltage items such as laptops, torches and cameras are the safest class of electricals. Their charging leads may need to be PAT tested.

Stay Safe with PAT Testing from Orbis Engineering

Orbis Engineering have over 15 years’ experience in the electrical contracting industry for both the domestic and commercial markets.
If you’d like to know more about our PAT testing or other services including electrical installations or electric car chargers, please get in touch today to speak to our friendly customer service team.
We regularly work with customers right across Staffordshire including Stoke on Trent and Stafford.

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