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A Guide to Electric Car Chargers

A Guide to Electric Car Chargers

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Over the last half a decade, the number of electric cars and subsequently electric car chargers has dramatically risen. Plug-in cars have increased from 3,500 in 2013 to around 178,000 by the end of September 2018. Electric vehicles make up around 2.4% of all new cars sold in the UK. There are 120 models of electric vehicles in the UK, with each requiring a specific charging type, connector and speed. At Orbis Engineering we’ve put together a helpful guide to where motorists can find electric car chargers in the UK.

Electric Car Chargers in the UK

Public: There are a number of public electric car chargers and networks throughout the UK. Public chargers provide additional support for motorists to extend the charge on longer journeys. Most public locations will offer the choice of either slow, fast and rapid. Locations of public chargers include motorway service stations, supermarkets, shopping centres, car parks and more.

Home: Domestic electric car chargers are the most common, convenient and cost-effective form of charging your vehicle. Typically, home chargers are either 3kW (slow) or 7kW (fast). Faster charging stations take half the time but cost more than slower charging stations. As an incentive for buyers, home charging points qualify for the EV Homecharging scheme which gives you money back off an installed station.

Work: Companies with a workplace electric car charger offers employees and visitors a chance to charge their vehicles. As the vehicle is stationary for most of the day, workplace chargers are just as effective as a domestic charger. Like the Homecharging Scheme, the government offers organisations financial support for installations.

Speak to Orbis for Electric Car Chargers

As there are a huge number of electric vehicles on the road, each vehicle requires its own set up for charging. Different models charge at different speeds. If you would like to know more about our electric car chargers, get in touch with the Orbis Engineering team today.

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